SARA 21 for SNECMA MOTORS RSI5-28i for the French Space Agency BIS control unit for EREMS



Confirming feasibility fast

Working from your specifications, we ascertain that one or more of our machines meet your spectrum requirements. Our shock test database enables us to double-check test feasibility.

In cases of highly specific spectra or when our machines are unable to reproduce a spectrum, we can design a special test set.

Single gradient spectrum Dual gradient spectrum

Helping you to make test definition and preparation easy

The frequency band (100 to 10,000 Hz) covered by SRS spectra makes tooling design (simple plates or complex frames) and dummy mass critical issues.
Our CAD, calculation and production management skills enable us to handle these aspects, leaving you free from having to perform test preparation tasks.
We are also able to provide test procedure authoring.

Tooling and dummy mass for Septa 31 by SNECMA MOTORS Tower-type shock machine



Minimising your attendance on site during the campaign

Preparing a shock test campaign requires a machine adjustment phase.
This fine-tuning is systematically performed before your representative arrives on-site so that his attendance is limited to the actual duration of tests, generally half a day per shock axis.
This approach allows us to reduce your personnel’s travel and downtime to a minimum.

SRS shock workstation

Guaranteeing a fast, high-quality test campaign

The design criteria (free-free mode, traction/compression links) inherent to our test facilities give them excellent natural repeatability and keep them within a tolerance range generally below 6dB.
With 6 channels standard, our acquisition (a CAP unit by ANICIA) and post-processing systems (HTS MAGALI) provide graphic SRS results a few seconds after testing.

Furthermore, by using the same “EnviSoft” software as vibration tests, we guarantee the control, flexibility and traceability of your test campaign.

Class 100 000 tests with a dual plate machine



Delivering a Test Report with a similar layout to the Vibration TR just as fast

The Test Report (a colour hardcopy plus a CD-ROM) has a layout similar to the Test Report issued for vibration tests , thereby providing consistent presentation facilitating readability and result interpretation.

The TR is sent within 10 working days, while some plots can be sent by e-mail even quicker if required.

An “SRS Shock Test Sheet” detailing all aspects revolving around this activity can be sent to you on request.