Optimized and highly-performance architectures

MECANO ID offers a wide range of composite and aluminum structural products for fitting out satellites and other flight equipment. Catalog products and solutions developed from customer requirements enable us to meet challenges as diverse as stability, thermal coupling or decoupling, assembly and deployment of subsystems.

A range of qualified components

Catalog components

MECANO ID designs and manufactures pre-qualified structural components for space flight. These components are selected by our international customers and then assembled to produce satellite or payload structures.

Not only in Carbon

Aluminium structures

The aluminium has a clear interest for space structures. MECANO ID designs and manufactures many aluminium structures, from architecture to qualification tests and delivery of flight models.

For optical and radio frequency applications

Stable Structures

MECANO ID’s mechanical and thermal engineering capabilities make it a privileged partner for optical or radio frequency payloads to develop stable or hyperstable structures.

For satellite constellations

Serial manufacturing

MECANO ID has developed its industrial capacities to support prime contractors of space constellations in manufacturing their structures in series by hundreds or thousands of units. These resources range from the automated fibre placement robot to the connected integration station, through a robust industrialization process.