NEWS | 10.26.2022


In a few days, the OCEANSAT 3 Indian satellite will be deployed in sun-synchronous orbit. It is a great opportunity to introduce you one of our greatest achievements in complex sub-system development: ARGOS 4, which will be installed on this satellite.

ARGOS System’s main feature is the ability to geographically locate data source from any location on Earth, using the doppler effect. Geolocation by Doppler effect allows to use less energy and smaller trackers.

Since 1978, the system is used to obtain geographical data, such as ocean-global atmosphere, world ocean circulation. Most of the trackers are placed on animals, to watch their displacement/migration, among other applications.

In this sight, the French contribution to Indian program OCEANSAT 3 is the AROGS 4 payload. The CNES contracted MECANO ID to develop, design, size and manufacture ARGOS 4.

Least we can say that it was MECANO ID one of the biggest projects. We worked on the definition of the baseplate made of aluminum alloy, equipment accommodation, thermal and mechanical sizing. In fact, we did and supervised all steps of development.

MECANO ID took care of the manufacturing and integration, and also supervised mechanical and thermal tests.

Last but not least, we engineered and manufactured the ADM (Antenna Deployment Mechanism) of UHF antenna.

This program will stay in our memory as a core project, the first which mobilized every service and skill from MECANO ID. During this project, we had the feeling that it was made for us, as we moved forward really fast. We achieved the development of ARGOS 4 in less than 24 months.

ARGOS 4 allowed us to assert our will to be prime contractor of complex subsystem development and 3 years later, we have been awarded by CNES of their SME label “Prime Contractor of Mechanical and Thermal subsystems for Platform and Payload.”

We are now very proud to see ARGOS 4 fly on OCEANSAT3, and we hope it will fulfill its missions for the best.

But, ARGOS 4 is just a step forward for ARGOS lifeline, its next evolution is known as the @KINEIS constellation.

MECANO ID would like to thank some partners during this project such as HEMERIA and SOTEREM for their support and their cooperation.

We look forward to seeing ARGOS 4 put into service in the coming months.