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Carbon Cleats


Space Carbon Cleats allow the bonding assembly of 2 structures. Cleats are manufactured in carbon fabric / epoxy resin and preferentially used for CFRP structures assembly.

Carbon Cleats

Industrialization process improves lead times

A combination of fiber type and layup

High quality referential with ISO and Space Agencies Certification


Height 25 mm
Length From 20mm to 600mm
Specific developments On-demand
Full space qualification File provided

Carbon Cleats are manufactured by MECANO ID from Carbon fabric / Epoxy resin using RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process. These cleats are space qualified.

It shape and design, patented by MECANO ID have been developed, optimized and validated from previous engineering study and tests.
Compared with a standard corner part in “L”, the load transfer via the reinforcement between 2 wings allows a peak constraint reduction in the bonding with a factor 2 to 4 according to the different mechanical loads.
2 versions are proposed with or without notches. The notches are implemented to relax the stiffness at the extremities which favor the load transfer in the bonding joint.

Cleat characteristics (θ angle, length…) are tunable following specifications by choosing adapted basic materials and optimized fiber orientations. Its manufacturing quality could be validated by micrography, acid attack, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and quality performance by mechanical test.


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