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Space Structures

Carbon/Aluminium Struts

Carbon/Aluminium Struts

Industrialization process improves lead times

A combination of fiber type and layup

High quality referential with ISO and Space Agencies Certification


Standard Tube Diameters 15, 32.05, 50.1, 70.1 mm
End-fitting interface Aluminium
Maximal length 2000 mm
Specific developments On-demand
Full space qualification File provided

Space Carbon/Aluminium Struts are manufactured by MECANO ID from Carbon Tubes and Aluminium end-fittings. These struts are space qualified.

Our space qualified struts are validated by a series of acceptance tests.
In accordance with performance requirements of the application, Carbon Aluminium struts allow weight savings, temperature and corrosion resistance.

Three levels of development are provided:
For the Carbon tubes:

  • Level 1: Standard tubes defined in our catalog with pre-defined diameters and layups
  • Level 2: Tubes based on our molds (Ø15 to Ø70), for which it is easy to adapt a specific layup (fiber type, plies number and orientation)
  • Level 3: Specific tubes to answer our specific customers requirements

For the Aluminium end-fittings:

  • Level 1: Build to print
  • Level 2: Co-engineering
  • Level 3: Specific development to answer our customers requirements (geometrical, mechanical)