NEWS | 07.19.2022


After being selected to develop hyperstable structures forESA (#ARTES CITRUS) and to deliver hyperstable structures to MDA, MECANO ID has accomplished another challenge: developing and delivering the TELEO hyperstable structure to @AIRBUS DS, an optical ground-satellite communication telescope.

Mounted on BADR-8 from Arabsat, TELEO telescope is a demonstrator of high speed data and information exchange between ground and satellite through optical communication. This technology is quite promising compared to RF communication, since it has an higher data flowrate, without the drawback of sharing frequency range.

Focused on the structural subsystems, the main challenge for MECANO ID was the ability to control the structural stability. To reach this goal, the two main levers were directly taken from the thermal expansion formula defining the thermoelastic strain ε=α.∆T.

  • By reducing α, the coefficient of thermal expansion, using thermal stable materials, like CFRP composite.
  • By reducing ∆T, the temperature variation by controlling it, using heaters and conductive materials.

Through the decision to integrate CFRP components in this hyperstable telescope and a dedicated thermal control, MECANO ID was able to come up with a solution that comply with all technical requirements.

Beyond technical aspects, MECANO ID has delivered this structure to AIRBUS DS on time, despite of an ambitious planning, allowing its integration on BADR-8.

Next step? This demonstrator allows the preparation of an industrial version development, supported partially by @DGE and the “France Relance” plan, for which MECANO ID and the Consortium have been selected on COOP program (“COmmunications OPtiques”).

MECANO ID would like to thank @AIRBUS DS team and especially Cédric FEAU, Raphael FIDANZA, Jean-Christophe RICHARD, Ludovic ZURAWSKI and Cédric ALBANO for their trust in our teams to take up those new challenges.

It is good to be able to rely on a (hyper) stable company!😉