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Structural Subsystems
Space Structures

Carbon/Titanium Struts

With more than 10 years of flight heritage, our space qualified carbon/titanium struts ensure high quality, high performance and low weight of the structures they compose. Serial manufacturing is now possible thanks to the development of AFP (Automated Fiber Placement) means.

Carbon/Titanium Struts

Industrialization process improves lead times

A combination of fiber type and layup

High quality referential with ISO and Space Agencies Certification


Standard tube diameters 32.05, 50.1 mm
End fitting interface Titanium M10 thread
Maximal length 2000 mm
Specific developments On-demand
Full space qualification File provided

Space Carbon/Titanium Struts are manufactured by MECANO ID from Carbon Tubes and Titanium end-fittings. These struts are space qualified.

Our space qualified struts are validated by a series of acceptance tests.
In accordance with performance requirements of the application, Carbon Titanium struts allow weight savings, temperature and corrosion resistance.

Three levels of development are provided:
For the Carbon tubes:

  • Level 1: Standard tubes defined in our catalog with pre-defined diameters and layups
  • Level 2: Tubes based on our molds (Ø15 to Ø70), for which it is easy to adapt a specific layup (fiber type, plies number and orientation)
  • Level 3: Specific tubes to answer our specific customers requirements

For the Titanium end-fittings:

  • Level 1: Build to print
  • Level 2: Co-engineering
  • Level 3: Specific development to answer our customers requirements (geometrical, mechanical)


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