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Aluminium Struts D50


Space Aluminium Struts are manufactured by MECANO ID. Each strut is composed by an aluminium tube and two aluminium end-fittings. These products are space qualified

Aluminium Struts D50

Industrialization process improves lead times

High quality referential with ISO and Space Agencies Certification


Standard Tube Diameter 50 mm
End-fitting interface M10 Inox threaded insert
Maximal length 1500 mm
Specific developments On-demand
Full space qualification File provided

Space Aluminium Struts are manufactured by MECANO ID from Aluminium Tubes and Aluminium end-fittings. The link is achieved by bonding according to a MECANO ID qualified internal process. These struts are space qualified.

Our space qualified struts are validated by a series of acceptance tests. Our own specific process and tools ensure uniform repeatable high quality level for each manufactured struts.

In accordance with performance requirements of the application, aluminium struts allow weight savings, stability, temperature and corrosion resistance.

If required, it can be validated by performance tests: tensile test, quality tests, bounding control and non-destructive testing (NDT).


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