GOCE CHU Equipment for DTU Evaporator for LIEBHERR Aerospace CFA for SOTEREM



Fast response

On receipt of your request for a quote, we contact you to validate all the input data required to build our proposal, which is then delivered in summary form :

  • one page on deadlines/costs,
  • one page reviewing technical requirements,

and sent to you in less than 5 working days.

A dynamic workload management method gives us a high degree of flexibility to plan for completion in accordance with your requirements.

Helping you to define tests

Our day-to-day exposure to the standards and specifications quoted below qualify us to optionally assist you in formalising your vibration requirements and advise you on optimising the content and completion of your test campaign.

Test procedure authoring is also one of the services we offer.

Tests are defined in compliance with official standards (DO 160x, GAM EG 13, MIL STD 810x, CEI 60068-2-xx, etc…) or with reference to in-house specifications implemented by major groups (SG1-40 at Ariane Espace, DIET at EADS Astrium, AD02 at Alcatel Space, ABD100.1.2 at Airbus, Eurocopter, etc…).


Interface plan (horizontal table, head, expander). Available for downloading in Acrobat format. Just click on image above.


Making test preparations easy for you

We harness our CAD, mechanical design and production management skills to provide you with a service package that includes design, calculations and production of the interface tooling required to secure your equipment to the vibrator.

Vibration plate modelling



Providing you with the right facilities

Our LDS V850-400 Combo vibrator (22 kN, 2 inch peak to peak, 5 to 3000 Hz, 60 g sine, 50 g RMS random) and ETS 7200 Combo vibrator (72Kn, 2 inch peak to peak, 100 g sine, 60 gRMS random) deliver the capacity required to perform classic shock testing for the space, aeronautic, automotive and railway industries.

Tests that require a clean “100 000 class-type” environment are performed in our laminar flow enclosure housing the vibrator.
With up to 80 measurement channels, our “m+p VibcoNT » control and acquisition system is ideal for highly instrumented tests involving dynamic notching

Thanks to our proprietary “EnviSoft” package developed in-house, a market first, the extremely fast test run sequencing and configuration it offers, especially in the case of exploratory test campaigns, makes it possible to perform more runs in the same time period.
Moreover, full automation of all input phases allows the operator to concentrate on testing activities thereby guaranteeing a very high level of security and quality for the tests performed.



Delivering a hardcopy and digital Test Report right on time

Within 10 working days after the tests, we send you the Test Report in colour hardcopy format accompanied by a CD-ROM containing all relevant documents in Adobe Acrobat format with hypertext browsing features.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a demonstration CD-ROM including a text-book Test Report.

A “VIBRATION Test Sheet” detailing all aspects revolving around this activity can be sent to you on request.

Providing additional expertise

Our mechanical analysis skills enable us to offer our clients additional expertise and test results interpretation, especially in cases where equipment.