Space products

MECANO ID features a space product catalog. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information on our products.



Cleats 90°

Based on MECANO ID patent, these cleats ensure 90° bonding link between panels with optmized mass and mechanical behavior. These cleats are space qualified.


Designed to support important efforts, our composite fittings allow significant mass saving by replacing metal fittings (typically titanium) with a suitable CFRP design.

Full composites struts

Full composites CFRP struts allowing 30% mass saving compared to titanium/CFRP struts. Our assembled struts are space qualified and quickly available in standard dimensions.


CFRP inserts very suitable for use with carbon panels.

RTM tubes

High-performance CFRP tubes manufactured with RTM process (excellent homogeneity and repeatability). Our tubes are space qualified.