Design and sizing


Based on its own CAD and simulation ??tools, the composite architect has the necessary means for developing composite part but also mold and tooling for shaping the preform. He must take into account the performance of the part but also the constraints from considered manufacturing process.


The composite calculation engineer realizes the choice of fabrics (HR / HM) and their draping (ply number, orientation, overlap area …) depending on the required performance (stiffness, stress, thermal environment).

Inter-ply delamination

Regarding the mechanical sizing of composite parts, MECANO ID developed with support from ONERA (French aerospace laboratory) sizing methods for rendering not only the stresses in the plane of the plies, but also constraints inter-ply delimitation.

Délaminage inter-plis

From their close collaboration born optimized definition of composite part.

Dedicated means

  • CATIA et SOLIDWORKS for design and definition
  • NATRAN et SAMCEF for sizing