MECANO ID develops high added value composite components and provides all development activities:

  • design,
  • sizing,
  • manufacturing with the RTM / infusion processes,
  • tests.

The manufacturing workshop delivered its first parts for space applications in 2009. Different types of products are currently qualified: tubes, inserts, fittings, etc.

Your need

Design / manufacture / validate a composite part or assembly according to specifications and:

  • reduce the mass,
  • increase the stiffness,
  • increase thermo mechanical stability

Our solutions

Design and Sizing


  • Define an architecture compliant with both your specification and the composite manufacturing means
  • Simulate the mechanical behavior to optimize the plies layup and select the adequate fiber and resin according to mechanical and thermal environments
  • Select the most suitable manufacturing means

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  • RTM and infusion processes made ??at MECANO ID, other processes are outsourced
  • Design and manufacture molds and required tools
  • Define parameters for process implementation and manufacturing (small series or pre-series)
  • Finalize and machine of composite parts

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  • Characterize the material performances by samples of qualification parts
  • Validate the physico-chemical parameters of material
  • Guarantee the part compliance through acceptance tests

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Our Composites activity has been awarded for the following R&D projects:

  • CEDRES projects (Design and Development of RTM Structural Elements) and CIPRES (Design and Industrialisation of RTM Parts for Space Environment) from EPICEA 2007 and 2008 calls by DRIREs and Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées
  • DOSIMAT (partner) project: characterization of composites aged under environments: UV radiation, thermal cycling
  • CAWA project: Composite Applied to Waveguide Assemblies
  • CASBA project: Composite Applied to Support Baffle Assembly
  • ARCON project (partner): to improve conductivity of composite materials through carbon nanotubes implemented perpendicularly to carbon ply
  • AEROPLASTE project (partner): Rapid prototyping thermoplastic box for long fibers NG for embedded electronic devices
  • CAFE project: Composite Applied to Feed Element